Saturday, July 13, 2013

When inappropriate is appropriate

I was browsing through a software application that shows me where readers of my blog are finding me, where they are located, which posts they are reading, etc., when I came across this little piece of awesomeness.

Last November, someone from the U.S. House of Representatives server googled the phrase, "gifts for the inappropriate man." Naturally, I popped up on the results. If I am anything, it is inappropriate.

Sorry about the massiveness of this picture, but I wanted you to be able to read it! You can scroll to the right by using the arrows at the bottom of screen.
The genius of this is I am guessing it was probably some poor staffer working for some jerk-head Congressman--I'm looking at you, Mr. Boehner & Mr. Rangel--who treats him or her like crap. The staffer knew he would have to buy a Christmas gift soon for the old codger, so he googled "gifts for the inappropriate man." The obvious choice would have been Rep. Weiner, you know the guy who tweeted a picture of his actual wiener on the inter-web, but he had already resigned at that point.

All I can say, is kudos to you, whoever you are. If ever anyone deserved something from that gift list, it would be a U.S. Congressperson.

If you want to look at the list Google returned to the google-er, click below:

Inappropriate Last Minute Gifts

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