Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Road Trip Poetry Part Two - Mississippi

So you know when you are using your phone to take notes or send texts and auto-spell check changes words for you without telling you? I hate that. I particularly hate that I assumed that the name of the town in Mississippi I had fondly remembered from my passenger seat window was Popularville since that is what my iPhone thought it should be. Never mind, that clearly the town name is Poplarville.

For any of you who are now saying to yourself that is an awfully weird and surprisingly specific word for auto-check to change and you wouldn't think that either Popularville or Poplarville would be in my phone's dictionary to begin with, I say, "Bite Me."

On the off chance I may have mistyped the word and only discovered my mistake after writing my poem and looking for pictures of Popularville, Mississippi, but could not find any because it doesn't exist but found plenty of Poplarville, Mississippi, because it does exist and is in the same location I thought Popularville was in, I will throw in a few fun facts about the town:

It is the Blueberry Capital of Mississippi.

Okay, I threw in only one fun fact. That's plenty.

By the way, if anyone from Poplarville is reading, I would strongly encourage you to think about starting a petition to change your town's name to Popularville. Popularville is cool and sounds like a place people would want to visit. It even inspired this poem:

Popularville, Mississippi

I don't know why I said those things,
or how it leaked from my mouth.
One minute we're having a splendid time,
the next, things just went south.

I don't for a second think you lied about Earl,
or Jim or Fred or Tuttle.
It's just when those fellers started telling tales
it made my mind all muddled.

You said you were done, that we were over
you got in the car and tore out.
Now here I sit on this cold park bench
by myself and full of doubt.

I see lovers walk by hand and hand,
too in love to notice me.
I am left all alone, solo and outcast
in Popularville, Mississippi.

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