Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Road Trip Poetry - Louisiana

I have made two road trips to New Orleans this year, and there is a very good chance I will be making a third before 2012 closes up shop.

The drive itself is not that exciting if you stick to the interstate which I do because I am not a person that needs to be lost and rambling around the Deep South by myself. Although the scenery out the window of my car is pretty similar in Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi, one thing I did notice were the awesomely named towns and cities along the way. If there is one thing I know, it is a aptly named town. I hail from a county that has communities called Hell-Fer-Certain, Cutshin, Thousandsticks, and Greasy.

To cope with the boredom of the long drive from Kentucky to New Orleans, I began to write down the names of some places we passed. I then thought about these places and decided to write a little poem about each of them. Thus, began Road Trip Poetry.

We kick it off heading back home to Kentucky from New Orleans. When I saw the big green sign stating that Pearl River, Louisiana, was only two miles ahead, I picked up my pencil.

Pearl River, Louisiana

This time you've gone and done it.
This time you've turned the tide.
This time you went way too far.
This time I can't abide.

I saw you with that low down trash.
I saw you dancing close.
I saw you grab that thang's ass.
No, this ain't a joke.

I've taken all I'm gonna take,
I've taken all I can stand.
I'm sick and tired of being lonely,
it's time I had a man.

To my prove my point that we are done,
I shout Glory! and Hosanna!
Today I flung your ring of gold
into Pearl River, Louisiana.


  1. I love it! When is the next one? We love Martin County because it has Turkey, Tomahawk, Lovely, Beauty, Snob Holler (named by the locals....we lived there :) and my personal favorite Meat Head. Keep up the good work, I enjoy your writing.


  2. Your a poet to your very core!! I can tell things like that cause I'm from Wooton Ky!!! Liked it!! Ron Napier