Thursday, February 9, 2012

What If Barbie Got Fat?

Today is a very special day!  It is the birthday of a very special person, my friend known as Marie Direction.  The Girl Named Earl, as she is sometimes called, is one of the most creative, artistic, and nurturing people I have ever met.

An example of her insane talent is her song, What if Barbie Got Fat?  The first time I heard this piece, I was hooked, and each time I have heard it since, I've found something else to love about it.  So, in honor of my friend, Miss Marie Direction, Miss Girl Named Earl, Miss Different Name Daily, I proudly give you her piece de resistance, What if Barbie Got Fat? 

A few more goodies from Marie Direction:

She is the creator and producer of the Keep Hearing Voices Radio Show on Crescent Hill Radio, and she kindly allows me to ramble on like a young Andy Rooney in my own SMCOT segment.  An archive of the show can be heard here:

Keep Hearing Voices  02.04.12 by Crescent Hill Radio

Marie Direction was also the friend kind enough to put my Lady Gaga Telephone parody to music:

And, if that wasn't enough, she was also guest blogger for Dr. Seuss post last year:

Dr. Suess Birthday Blog
Click and read!

So, on this greatest of great days, please join me in wishing Marie Direction the happiest of happy birthdays!
Love you, E!

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