Thursday, June 23, 2011

My New BFF

(Me with the Golden Ticket.)

I had THE most amazing thing happen to me this past weekend in Lexington.  I met my good friend Erin and her sister Jen Rose for a coffee and catch-up session.  Well, lo and behold, Erin pulls out a piece of paper that is a print out of one my blogs.  She then tells me that she has a friend who is A FAN OF MY BLOG! And, it gets better, this fan wanted my autograph! Seriously?! Seriously.

(Jules, if you know how to Photoshop, can you erase that double chin for me?)

So, my new BFF is named Julie, and I sometimes call her Jules.  Julie is the first person other than my mother to actually want my autograph!  If I knew your phone number, Julie, I would now text you every five minutes so we could giggle and have lots and lots of inside jokes.  I will dedicate my first book to you under the pseudonym "People of Kentucky."

To those of you who have read my stories before and failed to ask for an autograph, Suck It.  You had your chance.  Julie is now my favorite.

This is just for you, Jules:


  1. And here I thought it'd be me mistaking you for someone else's husband at my launch party. You're right, though: learning that you have a fan beats the heck out of that.

  2. Ha! Ha! That did also add to the greatness of the day, Sarah!