Monday, December 27, 2010

Big Announcement!

I have news for all of those people who say that stalking is bad.  You are wrong.  For all of you who call it "creepy" or "weird" to obsess over a red-headed, golden-voiced singing angel, pphhhllltttttt!

That is right, kids, I am writing yet another blog on Wynonna.  This will be a short one, but very exciting for me to post.  You see, my dedication and love for Wynonner has paid dividends.

I have been named...get ready...are you ready...OK, here it comes...


I know, I was just as floored and shocked as you are right now when I first read the email naming me the FOTM!  For those people who say that it is enough just to be nominated, they can suck it.  Winning is everything!  You can quote me on that if you want, because I am THE DECEMBER FAN OF THE MONTH ON WYNONNA.COM!

I feel that in honor of this event, I should give an acceptance speech:

I would like to thank my mother and sister who first introduced me the power of Wynonna.  They had seen the Judds open a concert for the Oak Ridge Ridge Boys at Tombstone Junction Park, and bought me a cassette tape of them, thus starting this great journey. 

To Andy, for all the hours he has spent with me speculating things like what Wynonna was doing at that very moment, what she had eaten for dinner that night, if she liked all the drag queen's impersonating her, and if Naomi and Ashley didn't sometimes get on her nerves, too.

To my friend David Spiggle, who shares with me a deep, unabashed love for the Judd family.  Our plans to become Judd boys are coming true, and I share this award with you (I mean "share" only figuratively, this is mine and only mine).

And finally, to Wynonner's staff, who have either finally realized what a good asset I would be to Team Wy, or more than likely, who are sick of me posting my blog and notes on the message boards on  Either way, thank you!

I sent in my picture and the answers to the interview questions this evening (yes!  there was a picture and an interview), and the website should have the December Fan of the Month (ME) posted the first week of January on  If you forget, I will be sure and remind everyone!

Until next time, I am always,


  1. As a fan of epic proportion for two other gay icons, I can *truly* appreciate what this day means to you, Keithie! I feel like I have been listening to you wax on about Wynonna for about 20 years. Oh wait! I HAVE!!

    congrats to you in this moment of glory. May all your Wydreams come true!

  2. Wynonna comes in a close second to Bruce Hornsby for me.

  3. Congratulations. I am more of a Dolly Parton girl myself, but I am truly happy that your Wynona love has been acknowledged.

  4. And I just realized that this was an old post.

    1. Ha! I still appreciate it! Did you watch the Dolly movie "Coat of Many Colors" last week? It was wonderful!