Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ode To Hyden

Hyden, what a quirky town you are,
Not too close, but not too far.
A coal town without any rails,
Isolated, but for your mountain trails.
Some may question why you are even here,
But not the natives who hold you dear.
A Courthouse Corner complete with benches,
Draws men’s gossip worse than old wenches,
A machine on Main sits ready to vend,
Worms and minnows, live bait to no end.
A City Park to let children roam,
Each one happy in this Appalachian home.
The three traffic lights often halt traffic,
But usually wild elk in the street wreak more havoc.
My peculiar hometown you will always be,
No matter where I roam,
Regardless of how eccentric I am,
I am happy Hyden is my home.


  1. Hyden has produced at least a couple of us quirky folk, Keith. :~) Well done blog.

    I had a dog named Dudley back when I lived in Richmond. Big Fawn Great Dane. Miss that goofy dog.

    Thanks for sharin'
    Lynn Morgan

  2. You say it best Keith!