Monday, April 12, 2010

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

I am the world's most unhealthy health fanatic. I devour all knowledge of health, fitness, diet, and exercise. I can tell you how many carbs are in a piece of pizza and how many points a pop-tart has in it. I subscribe to Clean Living magazine. Heck, I am even a vegetarian (most of the time; pay no attention to the KFC box in my garbage can, I was weak and broke over, don't judge). I know the latest workout fads, and have even tried a few of them. I have had a couple wonderful personal trainers over the years, both in Florida and in Kentucky. I try to only eat organic food, and am even considering the vegan lifestyle. Yet, here I sit WELL over my medically-recommended weight controlling my blood pressure and cholesterol with pills. WTF?!
I know how to do every weight machine in the gym (yes, I belong), have a treadmill in my house that will allow you to air dry 20 shirts if they are all hanging on hangers, and own a Wii-fit, aka the 2-faced devil. The Wii-fit says it is your friend and is going to help you become the person you want to be, then after choosing a cute little avatar that you think resembles yourself, you step on the scales and the thing grows until it is portly and monstrously round. It may as well have a pig nose on it! As soon as that happened, I knew my relationship with the Wii-fit was doomed. I have no desire to see my little fat avatar-self on my TV screen. But, I digress. My real point here is that I am obsessed with healthy living, but also obsessed with being lazy and eating junk food. I will no doubt talk A LOT in the coming weeks about my experiences working out, buying and eating organic food, watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (awesome show), etc. Just know that I do try these things, and maybe some day my thoughts and actions will take hold and result in me becoming healthy. Until then, if you need to know anything at all about the above subjects, I am your man, I just don't look the part!

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